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for parents who feel like they were raised by wolves

You Are Not Your Mother

Do you ever feel like you were raised by wolves?

You're not the only one.

Listen, if you don’t have good role models for parenting, of course you’re going to struggle. 

  • You don't know how to balance your own needs with your kids' needs.
  • People keep telling you to put on your own oxygen mask first and you don't even HAVE an oxygen mask.
  • You lie awake at night worrying that you're screwing up your kids.
  • You don't want to be shamed, blamed or criticized -- you got enough of that for a lifetime -- but you know you want help.
  • You know you don't want to spank, yell or punish but then what ARE you supposed to do?
  • You really really really really don't want to be your mother.

I understand. I’ve worked with hundreds of parents who felt just like you.

There are answers and support available to you, right now inside the membership!

What you need — what you deserve — is a safe space to work it all out. A place where you can get in touch with your inner wisdom (I know you’ve got tons), where you can grow your personal AND parenting confidence, and where you can become the happy, healthy and effective parent you were meant to be.

If you had parents who were overbearing...

you might worry about being overbearing or about swinging too far in the opposite direction to being neglectful.

If you had parents who were neglectful...

you might worry about fostering independence without making your kids feel abandoned.

If you had parents who were explosive or depressed or anxious...

you might worry about appropriately managing your own feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety.

If you secretly worry that everyone else knows how to be a parent and that you'll never figure it out then you are in the right place!

You don't have to repeat your parents' mistakes. It stops here, now, with YOU.

Here's how the membership supports you:

  • You get clear guidance so you know right where to start and I'll be checking in to make sure you find your way;
  • You get ongoing guidance from me via our message boards and private messaging system to guide you through the classes;
  • You get live video support to connect with me and other members;
  • You get outside experts who come on board and are available to answer questions and share resources;
  • You get a supportive, private, NON-JUDGMENTAL community of like-minded, dedicated parents;
  • And so much more!
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